Belek is located in the east of Antalya, 30 km from the city, 50 minutes from the city center. Belek, one of the most preferred tourist centers in Antalya. Belek is surrounded from the west by the center of Antalya, from the east by Side, from the north by Serik, and from the south by the Mediterranean Sea. 


Over time, Belek began to stand out as a different resort area than Antalya. It is one of the resort areas that offers modern hotels, unlimited shopping, restaurants and especially world-class golf resorts that you can enjoy, combining nature and sports, history and serenity.



The first thing that comes to mind when it is called Belek is the long beach, huge luxury hotels, sun and golf tourism, which is especially popular in recent years. However, Belek is also close to many centers of great historical and tourist importance. Belek, one of the most wonderful resorts in Turkey , which continues to enchant everyone who comes to visit with its sea, warm sand and ancient cities located in the surrounding areas. 

Distance to the airport 25 km

Distance to the center of Antalya 30 km

8 international golf championships are held annually

Distance to the sea 3 km

Diving, water sports and rafting

Antique Theater of Aspendos

International Opera and Ballet Festival (held in Aspendos)

Water Park  “Efsaneler Diyarı” the “Land of Legends”

Riding school

Paintball and other activities

More than 1000 professional football teams come to the region every year